Sawdust and Diamonds (flyingbuttress) wrote,
Sawdust and Diamonds

On stupidity

I can understand why some people might think I'm dumb. I act dumb, and I am in a lot of ways. But I know I really am smart. Sometimes I think there's no one as smart as me!

Fear of being exposed as stupid makes me do stupid things, so I look stupid and am more ascared. Also if I think you're not smart enough I'll be too afraid to show you the ways that I am smart.

Sometimes I seem mean too. It's like I won't say hi to you even though I've met you a million times just because I know you've heard tell that I'm a witch. I'm not mean, I'm not dumb, I'm just scared (of possums, my own elektra complex, and gold masks).

Andrea used to say that I had book smarts and she had street smarts, but try telling that to my pimp - or my local librarian! I think it's just that I'm not curious anything other than my mysteries and my Cat Fancy, so nothing stays in my head. Also I've heard SSRIs and aspertame dissolve your long term memory. I'm afraid of that, but then I forget to be afraid and pop a bottle.

Good Night.
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