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Gangster, Ga-Gangster.

...This pretty much sums up my personal life.

However, there is a lot of really amazing stuff going on in pop culture for me to make comments about for no one to read. For example, that We Are The World remake is really creeping me out. As if Justin Beiber cares about the people of Haiti! He just cares about looking more and more like a lez everyday! I dunno what half the people involved are thinking. But judging from Rebirth Wheezy's been drinking way too much of the purple drank this year. Or maybe not enough? Maybe sizzurp is the secret ingredient to being the best rapper alive. In which case, fuck what i learned in rehab Ima get me some.

But instead of putting a lot of effort into witty banter and a coherent post, since I'm working my ass off for school - writin god awful essays about the signifigance of eyesight in King Lear and Erik Erikson's ego-development theory (ima let you finish, erik erikson, but adler had the best ego-development theory of all time!), I'm just gonna share/say whatever comes into my head. Enjoy, y'all!

Meagan and I watched the Grammy's together. Obvi, this was the best moment. After we saw this (and finished loling) I sez "I can't wait for this to be a gif". Luckily she had her little portable internet box and a few minutes later we were loling in gif form.

What do you think about that, Brenden Fraser?

Nice one.

Even though I was so ashamed for our culture that Taylor Swift beat out Lady Gaga (aw, did the bad black man frighten our lil blonde baby by taking her microphone away?), I was kinda glad that she didn't have to make an acceptance speech. Because srsly, after Fever Ray's speech, wtf could she have done to top that? Gallons of menstrual blood dumped from above Carrie-style? Japanese ritual sword disemboweling? Ted Danson style black face?

Actually, I think the only thing that would have been compared to this sweet performance art is if she had actually arranged to have Kanye to interrupt her.

Instead she just took tea in the audience. I also liked how she was poker faced (git it?) and unsupportive of the other artists.

In non awards show news, Joanna Newsom is coming out with a friggin TRIPLE ALBUM this month, y'all!!! I can't effin wait guys. Meagan, Sarah, Amy, Josh and I are going to see her live in March! I also just found out that she is/was dating Andy Samburg. You know two peeps must be great when the fact that they are together makes you like both of them MORE!

Here's the most amazing song that's been leaked so far. See? I do have indie cred and feelings. So very many feelings...

Speaking of Joanna, how come no one ever told me about DAT ASS. Didn't know fife playing medieval meadow sprites could have apple bottoms! Check it out for yrselves, and try to blame me for being crass:

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