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Despite everything, I have always liked Heidi. She sort of represents everything that I think is wrong with our culture, she's right wing, and she's married to that Pratt (pun intended, au contraire!)!! But accepting celebrity culture as it is, then I'd have to say that Heidi's decisions have been pretty damn savvy - assuming all she is aiming for is to be really famous, rich and get a lot of attention. I can't help but hold onto the idea that she's smart, spunky and pretty, that i've had since the early days of the hills, where she's always been the most interesting character.

Some friends of mine whose opinions I really respect have said that they think that people should be able to do these extreme plastic surgery makeovers if they choose to. Can one of you explain why you think that? I know there must be some feministy political human rights clause that I'm not thinking of. Whenever I see stuff like this I just think the doctors should lose their licences and that Heidi should be involuntarily commited to a care facility!

Here she is in the early days of the Hills. A very pretty, normal looking woman.

Here she is once she got really famous, got with Spencer, was all glammed up and (i think by this time) had a nose job and breast implants, but still was recognizable!

And here she is now, after her infamous "10 procedures in one day"!!!

She doesn't even look like herself! She looks like an even more neurotic version of Faith Hill! She's 23 years old and she looks like a 40 something who got work to look younger!

It's problematic because it's so obvious she's gotten plastic surgery, which is why I'm posting it, but really, I'm against all plastic surgery. (Like at least when a little girl sees Aniston she's not immediately aware that she's paid someone to cut up her face so she'll look less Greek.) But I guess to suggest that all p.s. should be made gauche, there'd need to be a complete overhaul of our culture's values, which ain't gonna happen until I'm God (coming 2012).
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