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Pobody's Nerfect is still timeless

Holy crow! I rule! Sorry to be a bigtime braggart but check out these grades from the most challenging term of my university career: 87, 82, 80 and 70 (whoopsie on that last one, but i'm just gonna attribute that to situational factors, as i learned in that class that's the way not to be depressed). Can't believe I pulled that shit outta the bag. Nice one, Elsbeth.

Fun Mottoes for 2010!
1. May we all rise like pheonixes from the burned out husk that was 2009.
2. More fiction, Less Friction.
3. Let your attitude determine your altitude.
4. It's not what you do all of the time, it's what you do most of the time.
5. Even though Subway seems like a healthier choice, they hide all the salt in the bread.
6. We didn't really have much of a summer (good conversation peice about the abnormally cool Ontario summer. it can't be said enough and it's universally interesting.)
7. Fake it til you make it.
8. Hugs not drugs.
9. Let go and let God.
10. If it's yellow, let it mellow. If it's b***n, flush it down. (I disagree with this one whole-heartedly and only recite it in my head to remember to do the opposite, but it was told to me by a wise sage who shared with me most of these mottoes [Emmy], and so I can't leave it out to the detriment of those who wish to conserve water/be disgusting, but I will not besmirch my blog by typing brown in that context!!!)
11. "I have special powers" (best to say to your psychiatrist, parent or parole officer to get all the right attention and hottest new medications).
12. Don't Catastrophize. Thanks Gina! These two words can stop you from jumping.
13. Ton't Dell. Helpful verbal tick to help you to remember motto # 2. You can try saying Con't Datastrophize to remember # 12, but it's harder to say.

Do you have any good mottoes for 2010? They're best if they rhyme or are alliterative, but then clearly they have to be explained to laymen you're sharing your wisdom with. I live off this shit!

some of these have degenerated from mantras to verbal ticks. These are just as useful.
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